12th November 2023

Iceland 2023

I absolutely love planning trips and I actually think I get a kick out of a well scheduled itinerary. That’s not to say I don’t like spontaneity (I actually decided on Iceland based on a good deal for a car rental) but there’s something comforting about being able to follow a schedule and controlling what I can. Once I knew I would be going around the ring road, I mapped out the locations of all the Tesla superchargers and figured out the distances I would be able to cover each day. I was then able to book places to stay for the seven nights and picked out spots to see along the way, including three geothermal baths and a few epic waterfalls. The only thing left was to pack: warm winter clothes, all my photography gear and my drive filled with my favourite playlists. 

If there’s two things I’ve learnt driving in a new place it’s this:

1 - Keep your eyes on the road 99.9% of the time
2 - Slow down if you can’t see far ahead enough